November 2, 2021

Whale and Dolphin Watching

Do you want to go on a whale of an adventure? Do you want to interact with some friendly dolphins? Come to Sri Lanka, which has been designated the “Best Place in the World for Seeing and Photographing Blue Whales,” as well as an excellent location for viewing Sperm whales and Spinner dolphins. The wonderful news that migrating whales were travelling through Sri Lanka’s southern waters broke in 2007.

This was originally a notion of Dr. Charles Anderson, a British marine scientist. However, by April 2007, this notion has been proven beyond a reasonable question when Blue Whales and Sperm Whales were spotted from land near Dondra Head, Sri Lanka’s southernmost tip and where the continental shelf is at its narrowest. Thus, Sri Lanka has become a popular destination for whale viewing, and with Jetwing Travels, you will get the opportunity to play with the dolphins and whales.

From December to April, the calm seas off the island’s southern shore attract an inflow of Sperm Whales and Spinner Dolphins. Both Sperm and Blue whales have records in the Mammal kingdom. The Blue Whale is the world’s largest mammal, and possibly the world’s largest animal. Similarly, the Sperm Whale is the biggest of the toothed whales as well as the deepest diving animal. Jetwing Travels offers a 6-day vacation package for whale and dolphin aficionados who wish to experience Sri Lanka while also participating in an ocean adventure.

Clients are picked up at the airport and driven to Galle, a historic Colonial outpost on the island of Sri Lanka. Their hotel is Jetwing Lighthouse, which has been named one of the world’s tiniest luxury hotels. The whale and dolphin experience continues the next day on the high waters of Mirissa. Guests will also be able to utilise the services of Jetwing Lighthouse Hotel’s resident naturalist, Anoma Alagiyawadu. Dr. Charles Anderson, an experienced cetacean researcher, has trained Anoma, and whale watching with the hotel’s resident naturalist is a “really wonderful experience,” according to the travel website Trip Advisor.

Whale and dolphin viewing has become synonymous with Mirissa in the deep south and Kalpitiya on the western coastal belt. Large pods of dolphins have become a frequent occurrence in Mirissa, while Blue Whales may be sighted a few kilometers off the shore during the migration season. Because Spinner Dolphins are social, you can often witness 1000-2000 of them at once. Jetwing Travels takes great care to guarantee that we follow responsible and ethical travel practices. We always stay a safe distance from the whales and let them decide whether or not to approach the boat.

Whales, in general, are not scared of either fishing boats or humans, which is why they like to swim up to vessels or surface near to them. However, never pursue them because that is not something they are used to. When you travel with Jetwing Travels, you may fulfill a lifelong dream without sacrificing environmental principles. We advocate ethical whale and dolphin watching since, in addition to the safety of the tourists, the care of the animals is paramount.

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