Scope & Commitment

TrueParadiseTours' business philosophy is guided by a strong dedication to constantly challenge ourselves to become industry leaders by delivering creative, pleasant, and quality vacations that conserve and promote the local environment and culture for future generations.


Our industry is confronted with several problems and possibilities that have a direct influence on us and our stakeholders. Moving toward sustainability is in our company's and society's best interests. With this in mind, and in accordance with the guiding principles of Sri Lanka's tourist business, we concentrate on the following:

Environmental responsibility

Environmental responsibility is minimizing the negative influence on the natural environment and using natural resources wisely to ensure their availability for future generations.

Social responsibility

Respect for individuals and their variety via ethical and equitable treatment of all stakeholders is a kind of social responsibility.

Economic success

Economic success is the prudent management of financial resources in order to achieve economic prosperity for ourselves and the local community.