November 2, 2021


The amount of waterfalls in Sri Lanka is clearly disproportionate to the country’s small land area. The majority of them may be found in the Central Highlands. Most of these stunning waterfalls are easily accessible, avoiding extensive detours off the main roads you’ll definitely take on your Sri Lanka vacation. Some of them are hidden in dense forests, but they are plainly marked on any Sri Lanka Map or in any Sri Lanka Travel Guide if you want to go exploring. The naughty streams that start in the central highlands become rivers on the island’s lowlands. In their haste to keep their affair with the water at bay, they jump from the stony surfaces of the cliff tops they come across.

Ella Bambarakanda
With a height of 263 meters, Bambarakanda Ella is Sri Lanka’s tallest waterfall (865 feet). It is mostly a seasonal waterfall, with its most spectacular show occurring from October through March. It is 22 kilometers from the nearest town, Balangoda, through the Haputale – Kalupahana Road.

Waterfall Diyaluma
With a height of 559 feet, Diyaluma is Sri Lanka’s second tallest waterfall. The autumn has a folklore store associated with it. While on your Sri Lanka visit, be sure to inquire about the mythology!

Falls of Duhinda
Duhinda is a beautiful waterfall in Badulla, which you will visit if you opt to climb Pidurutalagala, the tallest hill in Sri Lanka. The 210-foot-high fall is fed by Baduluoya, a tributary of the Mahawelli Ganga. To get to the bottom, you must walk for approximately 2 kilometers.

Ella Galagediyana
The waterfall is not far from Colombo.
The 35-foot-high fall creates an impression. The mound of rocks, as its Sinhala name says, is what makes it one of the widest falls you’ll encounter on your Sri Lanka holiday.

Ella Ravana
Ravana Ella is one of the most enormous waterfalls. According to mythology, the Demon King Ravana of Lanka stole Sita and hid her in a cave beneath the spectacular fall, which is surrounded by a heavy mist. That is the story of the epic Ramayana. The scenic village of Haputale is nearby, and there are numerous wonderful Sri Lanka Boutique hotels in the Haputale hill area.

Ella Bopath
Bopath Ella is a breathtaking waterfall in Colombo. The height of the fall is 100 feet. Because of its near to Colombo, it is a convenient picnic location.

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