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Thailand Tour

December 15, 2023 - December 21, 2023

Rs: 299,000

Coral Island – Pattaya

Coral Island, positioned near the city of Pattaya, in Thailand is a haven of exquisite turquoise waters and vibrant marine life that captivates visitors with its natural splendour and underwater marvels. This idyllic island is a sanctuary for those in search of a getaway from the city’s hustle and bustle. The unspoiled beaches, adorned with sands and swaying palm trees beckon visitors to unwind and recharge. The island derives its name from its awe inspiring reefs, which are home to a mesmerising array of underwater creatures. Snorkelling and diving enthusiasts are treated to a world of corals and playful fish creating a truly immersive experience that delights all the senses. For thrill seekers there are exhilarating water sports like jet skiing. Parasailing to indulge in while those seeking tranquillity can simply soak up the sun’s embrace. With crystal waters, an abundance of activities and the irresistible allure of a tropical paradise Coral Island offers an enchanting retreat where nature’s aquatic wonders await just a stone’s throw away from Pattaya’s vibrant city life.

Crocodile Farm

The Pattaya Crocodile Farm, in Thailand provides a thrilling experience for visitors who want to get close and personal with these ancient reptiles. This conservation centre is dedicated to preserving crocodile species while creating an entertaining environment for both locals and tourists. The farm showcases a variety of crocodiles each representing species and sizes allowing visitors to observe these powerful creatures in their natural habitats. The farm’s main attraction is the heart pounding crocodile shows, where skilled handlers perform jaw dropping stunts and interact with these reptiles. As spectators watch in awe they also gain insights into the behaviour, biology and ecological significance of crocodiles. In addition to the exhilarating shows the farm actively raises awareness about conserving these creatures by emphasising the balance between human coexistence and wildlife preservation. For those seeking a rush as well as a chance to learn about these prehistoric reptiles, the Pattaya Crocodile Farm offers an unforgettable experience that combines education, entertainment and a newfound appreciation for the marvels of the animal kingdom.

Pattaya Street Walk

Pattaya’s lively Street Walk is an adventure that reveals the culture and energy of this city. As the day transitions, into night the streets come alive with a mesmerising blend of lights, sounds and flavours that captivate both locals and visitors. This bustling street offers a fusion of markets, shops and dining spots creating an array of experiences to suit every taste and interest. From craft stalls to boutiques and well known brands shoppers will find themselves in paradise on the Street Walk. The aroma of sizzling street food tantalises passersby with a selection of mouthwatering Thai dishes well as international delicacies. The Street Walk also comes alive at night with its buzzing nightlife scene. Bars, clubs and entertainment venues add an energy to the atmosphere. Performers, musicians and street artists contribute to the ambiance by offering shows that sprinkle a touch of magic onto the streets. Whether you’re seeking delights or shopping treasures or simply want to immerse yourself in Pattaya’s pulsating nightlife scene the Street Walk is your gateway to experiencing the city’s diversity and excitement firsthand – a journey awaits you along its vibrant path.

Bangkok City Temple

Bangkok, often known as the “City of Angels’ ‘ is renowned for its temples that contribute to the city’s cultural fabric. These temples, such as the Grand Palace and the serene Wat Arun with its spires provide a peaceful sanctuary amidst the bustling urban environment. The Grand Palace, comprising palaces, halls and sacred sites represents Thailand’s monarchy and historical significance. Meanwhile Wat Phra Kaew houses the revered Emerald Buddha—a treasure. The gold leaf covered reclining Buddha, at Wat Pho is truly mesmerising to witness. The elaborate architecture of Wat Benchamabophit beautifully showcases Thai craftsmanship.

These temples hold more than significance; they serve as a living testament to the city’s history, a treasure trove of art and culture and a reflection of Thailand’s spiritual legacy. Exploring these sites provides a glimpse into the architecture, meticulous craftsmanship and the deep seated devotion that shapes the Thai way of life. Amidst towering skyscrapers and modernity these temples stand as havens of tradition and tranquillity beckoning both locals and tourists to connect with the essence that lies at the heart of Bangkok’s vibrant soul.

Wax Museum

Visit the Wax Museum, in Bangkok where you can embark on a captivating journey through history, culture and entertainment. Be prepared to be amazed as lifelike wax figures bring personalities and memorable moments to life. This extraordinary museum provides an experience that seamlessly blends reality with artistry allowing visitors to come face to face with their historical figures, celebrities and even fictional characters. Each wax figure is meticulously crafted with details evoking a sense of awe and wonder as if time itself has been frozen within these creations. The museum showcases an array of exhibits featuring politicians, artists, Hollywood stars and legendary historical icons – sparking lively conversations and offering countless opportunities for memorable photos. As you stroll through the halls of the Wax Museum prepare to be transported into captivating scenes from history, movies and pop culture – creating a blend of education and entertainment. Whether you’re eager to catch a glimpse into the lives of personalities or snap selfies alongside your idols, this enchanting attraction adds a touch of star studded magic to the city of Bangkok.

Safari World

Embark on an experience at Safari World, located in the heart of Bangkok. Brace yourself for a one of a kind adventure as you explore the exhilarating Safari Park, where you’ll witness lions, graceful giraffes, elegant zebras and a captivating array of animals roaming freely in their habitats. This immersive journey allows you to truly feel the thrill of being on a right in the midst of the city.. That’s not all – at the Marine Park prepare to be enchanted by the intelligence and charisma of dolphins and seals as they showcase their skills through lively performances. From pumping moments to heartwarming encounters Safari World provides a blend of entertainment and education making it a perfect destination for families, wildlife enthusiasts and anyone seeking an unforgettable adventure. Join us on this conservation mission as Safari World strives to raise awareness and foster appreciation for our planet and its extraordinary inhabitants.

Dream World

Experience an exhilarating escape, at Dream World, an amusement park located in Bangkok that promises a day filled with imagination and thrills for visitors of all ages. Offering a captivating fusion of exhilarating rides captivating attractions and delightful entertainment, Dream World is a sanctuary for those in search of adventure and awe. From heart pounding roller coasters that will make your heart race to rides for families the park caters to diverse preferences ensuring everyone finds their own preferred way to revel in the excitement. Each themed zone within the park transports guests to realms of wonder – from the Fairy Tale Land, to the adrenaline fueled Space Mountain. On top of thrilling rides Dream World boasts shows, parades and opportunities to capture moments with beloved characters that enhance the enchanting experience. Whether you’re soaring through the sky on a roller coaster or immersing yourself in a fairy tale world or simply immersing yourself in the atmosphere – Dream World guarantees a day filled with laughter and indelible memories. This magical destination is suited for families, friends or anyone eager to embrace their child; it offers an opportunity where dreams come alive – truly creating an adventure right at the core of Bangkok.


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